Diagonal Sudoku/Sudoku X

Sudoku X Description
Sudoku X is also known as Diagonal Sudoku puzzle. This is similar to Classic Sudoku puzzle with one more rule added to Sudoku rules that the main diagonal of Sudoku should also contains number 1-9.
The addictive fun of Sudoku is now available online with this fun electronic version of the popular Japanese number game. Enter the numbers 1–9 into the boxes of the puzzle, making sure that each horizontal and vertical line contains each number from 1–9 only once. The nine individual grids of nine boxes within the larger grid and the shaded diagonal lines must also have no repeated numbers.

Sudoku X Instruction

 Click on start with cursor to begin.
    Follow the rules of Sudoku. Enter the numbers 1–9 in each horizontal and vertical line without repeating any of them. Do the same for the shaded diagonal lines and the individual groupings of nine boxes.
    To place numbers, click on the number that you want to place and then click on the box where you want to place it. Clicking on the x and doing the same will erase numbers you have placed.
    The faster you finish the puzzle, the more points you will earn.
  Here can play unlimited Sudoku X or Diagonal Sudoku puzzle.
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