Online Masyu

Masyu is a type of logic puzzle designed and published by Nikoli. The purpose of its creation was to present a puzzle that uses no numbers or letters and yet retains depth and aesthetics.

Masyu Rules

Masyu is played on a rectangular grid of squares, some of which contain circles; each circle is either "white" (empty) or "black" (filled). The goal is to draw a single continuous non-intersecting loop that properly passes through all circled cells. The loop must "enter" each cell it passes through from the center of one of its four sides and "exit" from a different side; all turns are therefore 90 degrees.
The two varieties of circle have differing requirements for how the loop must pass through them:
White circles must be traveled straight through, but the loop must turn in the previous and/or next cell in its path;
Black circles must be turned upon, but the loop must travel straight through the next and previous cells in its path.

Masyu is a logic puzzle game where your goal is to draw a loop through all the circles on the board. The board consists of black and white circles. Each circle has a rule that adds depth to the puzzle and causes you to think logically.

Mouse - draw/erase loop Instructions prompted when first playing
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