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Tritris (Tri Tetris)

Tritris (Tri Tetris) Description
Tetris is a classic game that no one can get enough of, especially when you play up to three Tetris boards at once with Tritris. Rotate falling pieces to form lines of blocks that will then disappear. Pile all your pieces to the top without forming lines and you will lose your Tetris game, not only once but up to three times with Tritris.

Tritris (Tri Tetris) Instruction
Choose skill level and number of Tetris boards with your cursor.
Move and drop pieces to form solid horizontal lines of colored blocks.
Move pieces left, right, and down with the left, right, and down arrow keys.
Pressing z will rotate the piece counterclockwise and x will rotate it clockwise.
Use your spacebar to switch between games.
You lose each Tetris game when the pieces reach the top its board.