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What can I tell you about Tic-Tac-Toe that you haven't heard before?  I used to play Noughts and Crosses on the school bus when the windows were fogged-up with condensation from child-breath.  Every day.  By myself.  I admit it got a little repetitive.  I tried it blindfold once, but that only made me realise I needed to kick the habit.
Thankfully this version allows you to play with someone else, if you know such a person.  If you're lacking an opponent, the computer will gladly play you instead, just like in that '80s movie WarGames, but without the looming threat of a global thermo-nuclear war.  Which I suppose is only a good thing.

// Control keys
Choose from 1 or 2 players
Use the mouse to select a square to place your O or X
Quit game – Q
Mute sound – M