English Game: Broken Words

Broken Words Description
Broken Words in an fun online word puzzle in which you need to assemble English words from broken-up segments. Each round you will be given a number of letter chunks (such as ‘ch’, ‘ap’, ’st’) and you need to properly group them to rebuild the original words.

Broken Words Instruction
Reassemble the words that have been broken apart into chunks. Complete all the words before time expires to advance.
The chunks are arranged into columns based on their placement in the original word. the chunks on the left represent the beginnings of the words while the ones on the left represent the ends.
Use the BACKSPACE key to undo your last move. Use the SPACE key to clear your entry and start fresh.
Use the BACKSPACE key to undo your last move. Use the SPACE key to clear your entry and start fresh.
If you complete the round with more than 30% of your time remaining, you will have the chance to play a bonus round. In the bonus round all words are broken into two chunks and arranged into two columns.
Due to the nature of language, you may be able to create words other than the ones intended, and it will be rejected. If this happens, try something else.

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