Crossword Quiz

Crossword Quiz Instructions
Crossword Quiz is Crossword puzzle where clues are displayed in terms of the Quiz Questions. Any letters you type will be placed into the puzzle at the focus cell which is outlined in red. The focus cell can be moved around the puzzle by pointing and clicking with the mouse, or by means of the arrow keys. At any given time, a maximum of just two clues will be displayed. These will be the clues for the ACROSS and DOWN words associated with the current location of the focus cell. If, at any time you think you may have made an error, the Reveal Errors button will show you where they are. If you have made numerous errors, you can begin again by clicking the Start Again. Crossword Quiz puzzles contain several features which many solvers may not have seen before. Firstly, there are horizontal and vertical bars located at the bottom, or to the right in some of the cells. These signal the end of a word and the beginning of another. In that respect, they behave the same as the familiar black cell, but they also allow a letter to be inserted into the cell containing the bar. Secondly, there are several types of tunnel cells. These simply change the direction of flow of a word within the puzzle. The purpose of these two innovations is to allow grids to have a word length profile which more closely matches the word length profile of the dictionary from which the puzzles are constructed. It is hoped that you will quickly begin to appreciate and enjoy the novelty of these crossword variations.